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Rick Latona Pulls the Trigger on Daily Domain Newsletter

April 8, 2010

I have almost no doubt this news is already covering the domain blogosphere like wild fire. I can’t help it, I have to throw in my two cents. Latona’s Domain Brokerage has some sensational domains going right now at $1 reserves. Here’s an example, just a little sample …

  • Clemson.net
  • ePayments.com
  • FootballCards.net
  • GayLawyers.com
  • GourmetCandies.com
  • Gymnasiums.com
  • Nebraska.net
  • NorthDakota.net
  • PureBreds.com

Here’s what I think. It takes some serious gumption to pull the trigger on an email going out into the public domain that puts these kind of caliber names on the market at $1 reserves. I know that looking at the playbook it makes a lot of logical sense. But on an emotional level, I want to bet that hitting the send button on that email was to some degree the emotional equivalent of jumping out of an airplane. WOOOOOO!! Here we GOOO!!

Great job to Rick and the rest of the team on putting together such a buzzworthy promo to get people talking (and bidding!) on the new auctions.

It looks like that will do it for the traditional daily domains newsletter; it will now be a daily domains auction. Visit Latonas.com to see the entire auction inventory for today and sign up to receive the daily email for upcoming domains for auction..

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