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Root Orange offers new path to domain monetization

December 15, 2009

Following is breaking news on the domain monetization front

Root Orange domain monetizationYesterday I was informed of a truly exciting new service for domain monetization from a company called Root Orange. I’ve been conversing with Camilo Acosta, Co-President of Root Orange through email about the new program that promises to create the potential for significant recurring revenue streams for owners of generic domain names.

He was kind enough to share with me an advance copy of the press release that will be going out (or may have already gone out) today. Here is a sneak peak:

Root Orange unveiled its website this week as an alternative monetization system for owners of generic domain names. Until now, a domain name could only direct online users to a single website. Using Root Orange’s patent-pending technology, multiple companies can now use the same domain to drive local lead traffic limited to one website per metro area.

In short, imagine if you could lease your generic domain name not only to a single end-user, but to a different end-user in every major metropolitan area! I feel safe to say that the domain industry has yet to see anything like this before. When I first read about this offering from Root Orange I was truly, truly excited.

I’d been hoping to delay this post long enough until I had some time to speak directly via phone to inquire about more specifics on the criteria for domain submissions. However as I can imagine everyone at Root Orange is quite busy today due to the official press release going out to all domain media outlets.

You may wish to contact them directly to find out more. Root Orange is still in Beta at this time.

Root Orange is now accepting domains for consideration in its platform. Owners of generic domain names that describe local products or services should contact the company by sending an e-mail to domains@rootorange.com or calling 1(800) 985-7668 (press 4).


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