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Sample End-User Emails I’ve Used To Generate Interest – Part II

September 15, 2012

Here is Part II to the post I began earlier in the week.  In case you missed Part I, here is the first sample end-user email.

This second example is short and to the point.  Again, I’m not trying to sell the buyer on initial contact, but mainly just to elicit a response of some type.  The real key is ensuring that I’ve targeted the right prospective buyer and that the domain is actually relevant to their interests.

To be clear, if it isn’t already blindingly obvious to the end-user how a domain would serve their interest, no amount of wordsmithing is generally going to convince them otherwise.  In fact, in many cases I’ve found that neither do appeals to logic.  (Cf. You Can Lead An End User To Water …).  This is something I’ve had to learn the hard way over the years.

Email 2

Good Afternoon,

Would your organization be interested in owning [www.KeywordKeyword.com]?  I own this domain, but if you would like to acquire it, I am open to discussion. Please let me know. Thank you.

(p.s. – the contact form on your website [yourwebsite.com] is not working)

kind regards,

[My Signature]


Would your organization be interested in owning [www.KeywordKeyword.com]? – Here I’ve preceded the domain with ‘www’ so that it will automatically hyperlink within the email. The domain forwards to a custom landing page on my portfolio site which displays a bit of marketing copy and a few testimonials. While I’m not presenting any sort of sales pitch directly in the email, should they visit the domain’s landing page they will then be confronted with information that I hope will help to pre-sell them on the domain.  Additionally, having the domain resolve to a webpage may help give it more tangibility in the end-users mind.  I don’t always do this, and I typically avoid doing it for parked domains as many people tend to see parked pages as a nuisance.

I own this domain – I’m just stating outright that I own the domain. The hope is I will not be taken for one of the countless domain spammers and snake-oil salesmen like InTrust Domains, et. al. I want to be taken seriously.

but if you would like to acquire it, I am open to discussion – It’s clear I intend on selling the domain if we can agree on terms and price, which is up for discussion.

(p.s. – the contact form on your website [yourwebsite.com] is not working) – There is no real motive here.  I initially tried emailing through the form on their website which was in fact broken.  I try to live by the golden rule, and I feel obligated to let people know about such issues that have an obvious impact on their business/site whenever I encounter them.

That’s it.  As I said in the previous post I’m happy to receive constructive criticism and I don’t claim that my choice of words are necessarily the best.  But I do try to think critically about each word or turn of phrase and the type of message it conveys.

Here is the actual response which I received from the end-user within three hours of sending the above email:

Mr. Curving:

Please let me know how much you are willing to sell [www.KeywordKeyword.com].

Yours truly,

[Their Name]

I’d love to hear whether anyone has found this series helpful or not.  Thanks for reading.

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