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Scott Alliy On How His Latest Domain Venture KetMo.com Can Help Domainer Investors Reach a New Audience of End Users

May 23, 2012

Ketmo.com logoKetMo.com is a fairly new domain marketplace that I have seen advertised lately in the Domaining.com newsletter and other places.  In addition to listing domains and websites for sale, they also offer private domain auctions, domain brokerage, and have run some interesting promotions like cash back rebates for sellers.

I recently reached out to Scott Alliy, founder of KetMo.com, to ask if he would share more with us about his latest venture.  Without further ado ….

KetMo.com launched in July 2011.  To date there are over 300 members and over 10,000 domain names listed for sale.  Our first year has been heavily focused on development activities.  Approaching year two we are now focused more on growth.

Our industry-low marketing service fees are 10% of the sales price of any domain listed at KetMo.com, and we’ve partnered with Escrow.com to process domain sales transactions. Additionally, we have also developed a number of free tools that we offer domain buyers and sellers such as,

  • domain name price quote request option
  • domain rental option
  • domain financing option
  • a certification program that educates domain name buyers and sellers about nine distinct value points they can use to evaluate a domain
  • a valuation guide to help domain buyers and sellers determine a fair sales price and domain name value

We have devoted a lot of time to developing the domain buyer and seller tools, and while we are always considering new site features, our focus now is on growing membership and inventory and to concentrate more on marketing and awareness activities.

For example, we just announced eCombator.com, the first business incubator to focus on offering domain names as well as funding and consulting services to business start ups.

Our parent company Allied Internet Solutions inc. is the owner of AddPR.com a nine year old press release site, which we also leverage in various ways to help build awareness about domain names and the domain industry.

A funny thing happened when I attended DomainFest in Santa Monica, almost everyone I met knew me as “the press release guy”.  I have been writing and publishing for over ten years and have published several hundred domain name news articles in total.  In fact I’ve been involved in domain buying and Internet marketing and business activities since the mid 1990’s.

While I am proud of my many contributions to the domain industry, I don’t share my accomplishments to brag but rather to provide reason for domainers to know that when they choose to trust their domain names to KetMo.com, they can feel comfortable knowing we are committed to creating and applying innovative marketing products and services that are designed to produce sales results for them.

We feel that our innovative marketing strategies and exclusive tools, including eCombator.com and AddPR.com, are what set KetMo.com apart from other domain name resellers and allow us to provide exciting ways for domain investors and sellers to reach a new and different audience of end users who want to buy their names.

Thanks again for this opportunity to share the KetMo.com story.

Thank you Scott, for giving us a few minutes of your valuable time, and best of luck on the new venture!

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