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Sedo, Open to Reason?

September 19, 2009

I recently had a pleasant experience with Sedo via an email exchange with one of their reps.  I had submitted a few domains to Sedo’s .co.uk keyword domain spotlight.

When finally I received a reply it was to tell me that my domains were not going to be listed, and for reasons that were stated as follows:

“C The domain is not a one or two word generic keyword or product name that is a recognised term

E  no unique visitors or the natural traffic/ search volume is too low”

Well, as a domainer I had done my due diligence prior to submission to ensure that I was only submitting domains with positive search metrics.   I respectfully wrote back asserting my position and provided information on each keyword domain including search volume, average CPC, advertiser competition, etc.

To be honest I thought I was pissing in the wind.  But as it turns out the rep did read over my reply and was decent enough to have Sedo’s staff re-review my submissions based on the numbers I presented.

To my surprise I got word after a few days that one of my .co.uk domains was up to par after all.  If you’re curious, here are metrics for the keyword term of the domain that was accepted:

Google.co.uk results in quotations: 441,000
Sponsored ads:  8
Images results:  73,000
Average CPC:  $1.59
Advertiser competiion:  very high
Average local (exact) search volume:  1,000
Average global (exact) search volume:   40,000

If you’re UK business owner or a .co.uk domain investor head over to Sedo to check out their list of .co.uk keyword domains.   I’ve tried to price mine quite reasonably, and you’re likely to find many other decent investment properties as well.  Of course, I’m hoping that my domain sells so that it proves without a doubt it was a quality submission..

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