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Sedo Should Open a Premium .ME Domain Auction For Public Submission

February 10, 2012

As I blogged about yesterday, the results of this month’s .ME domain auction over at Sedo.com were nothing less than fabulous, tallying north of $340k in total sales, with more than 50% of auction inventory sold.

Over the past year Sedo has been holding a regular series of .ME domain auctions in coordination with the .ME registry.  All of the domains appearing in these auctions are under the reserve of the .ME registry – domains which I believe were originally held back from public registration.

They’ve been rolling out these little nuggets progressively through a steady stream of public auctions. This is contrary to the way most new TLDs are/have been rolled out.  Typically a Registry will hold auctions in the landrush phase, allowing the public to secure top-tier domains at the beginning of the TLDs lifecycle.

But the Registry’s stock of premium .ME domains must dry up eventually.  So my big question is …

When will Sedo open up such  a premium .ME domain auction for submission by its own customers? 

The market for .ME really seems to have picked up some momentum since the reported 6-figure sale of Meet.me some months ago.   The results of yesterday’s auction was a veritable windfall for Sedo.  If and when whatever exclusivity they have going now with the .ME registry finally expires I would hope they pursue this suggestion.

After all, I’m sure Sedo could cull several premium auctions from the portfolio’s of its current customers, including those like myself who would not mind having Sedo’s marketing and advertising machinery put behind an auction that generates the type of results as they did yesterday.

In the meantime, this might be a great opportunity for another popular domain aftermarket auction platform to cut in on the .ME action ….

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