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Sedo’s .ME Auction Results For July 12

July 13, 2012

Personal Portfolio Auction Doesn’t Stack Up To Registry-Sponsored Auctions

Here is the final tally of domains that closed over reserve in yesterday’s .ME portfolio auction at Sedo. (note: sales are not final until officially published by Sedo).

Domain Closing Price
Chic.me $499.00
Deactivate.me $499.00
Keyboard.me $349.00
Recall.me $999.00
Shared.me $999.00
Tagged.me $999.00
Vocal.me $499.00
Wifi4.me $499.00


The auction was advertised in the recent Sedo newsletter as Get to Know .ME – Portfolio Auction and was not one of the regularly held .ME Registry-sponsored auctions that have been taking place throughout past months.  Here are additional figures …

  • For Sale: 190 domains
  • Domains Sold:  8
  • Sell-through:  4.2%
  • Total sold: $5,342

In contrast to the low number of sales yesterday, the .ME Registry-sponsored auctions seem to have been doing quite well.  One that we previously reported on closed with 6-figures worth of sales (but also included such gems as Hotel.me).

Here were a few of the domains from yesterday’s auction that did not meet reserve …


A whois spot-check on the portfolio reveals the seller as Brands and Jingles and that registrations date back from July 2008 (landrush).  I ran a quick calculation to see about how well the seller has done on this portfolio.

Assuming an average registration and renewal rate of $19.99, we can say that the total carrying cost of the portfolio was $15,192.40.

If Sedo’s commission on the auction is 15%, the seller will have netted about $4,540 in sales from the auction.  That just about covers less than 1/3 of the overall investment.  (We do not know whether the seller has previously sold other .me domains from among their landrush acquisitions).

To be fair, the portfolio looks to be carrying some dead weight too, without which would have almost certainly made these numbers look better.  For example …



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