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Short List Of One-Word, Pre-Release .CO Domains With $9 Buy Now Prices Expiring At Go Daddy

August 26, 2012

I’ve never posted a list of expiring or available domains before and I have no idea if or when I’ll do so again, but over the weekend I did some list sorting of .CO domains expiring over at TDNAM, as there were a good many one and two-word keyword domains beginning to drop from the initial public landrush registrations in 2010.

It was interesting to track whether the domains would be picked up at auction and for how much.  For the most part, domains that did sell went for somewhere between $12 to $100 such as Wedge.co for $50 and Altitude.co at $100.  There were a handful of domains reaching into the $100 – $500 range, such as Arte.co (‘art’ in Spanish) for $305, and one or two in the $x,xxx range including Oak.co which was I believe the highest closing at $2,505.

Below is the short list of domains I still have on my watchlist which did not sell, and are currently available to be purchased with buy now prices of $8 or $9.  All are closing within the next 24 hours. Be aware that you will need to pay the one year domain renewal fee on top of the buy now price.  For .CO renewals that fee is $29.99, but you can usually find a good coupon code to apply from this site and save a few bucks.

For the record I don’t think any of these domains are worth registering, or I would have taken them myself.  However, one man’s trash is often another man’s treasure.  In any event, here is the list.  I’m not linking directly to the auctions or using affiliate links.  You can simply visit Go Daddy Auctions or go to TDNAM.com and search for the domain yourself.  Enjoy.

One Word

  • Asparagus.co
  • Chestnut.co
  • Corduroy.co
  • Discus.co
  • Eucalyptus.co
  • Expiring.co
  • Flannel.co
  • Jamboree.co
  • Joking.co
  • Mahogany.co
  • Manatee.co
  • Ninety.co
  • Siesta.co
  • Splendor.co
  • Teriyaki.co
  • Barrio.co
  • Bodega.co
  • Caveman.co
  • Christy.co
  • Etymology.co
  • Gabe.co
  • Luge.co
  • Maximize.co
  • Methane.co
  • Quiver.co
  • Sassy.co
  • Wagers.co

Two Word

  • AccidentInsurance.co
  • AffilliateManagement.co
  • AutoAuctions.co
  • BigBang.co
  • DebtElimination.co
  • EightBall.co
  • NewLeaf.co
  • WeddingCaterer.co
  • WeddingCatering.co
  • AirfareDeals.co
  • FigureSkating.co
  • GetInsurance.co
  • InteractiveMarketing.co
  • SEOAgency.co

There were plenty of other one and two-word domains that I did not put on my watch list that may still be available.  I do recall there were several first names like Sara.co, Willy.co, Ronald.co and more, and a whole slew of two-word keywords that I did not bother watching.

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