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Should I Move This Blog To WordPress?

February 24, 2010

This is the second post in a row that will be off point with domain names/marketing and for that I apologize.

I do have a number of great blog posts in store but I can’t bring myself to dedicate to them until I’ve officially transfered this blog over to the new domain at DomainAnimal.com, which unfortunately will not be happening until over the weekend/early next week.

In the meantime I’m hoping to solicit your feedback on this blog and website.

This site is now built on a CMS called Website Publisher by Interspire. I am for the most part quite happy with it. However it has crossed my mind that there may be certain advantages in converting over to WordPress. It is a somewhat difficult decision but one that I feel should be made now while I make the transition from domain to domain.

Website Publisher pros:

  • I like the backend/control panel functionality (drag & drop, etc)
  • great out-of-the-box SEO capability
  • a degree more flexible framework
  • everyone else is using WordPress

the cons:

  • harder to do any code-hacking when desired
  • missing some important things like ‘related posts’ feature and Google sitemap
  • does not have the benefit of hundreds of open source plugins/developers
  • everyone else is using WordPress

I’ve built all of my other websites using WordPress and have grown quite comfortable with that platform. For whatever reason I have started down the path of an alternate platform with this, one of my core websites. Though I still have yet to integrate much of the core content, the further along I go the harder I feel it will be to turn the rudder towards another CMS.

There is one other option I see as a middle ground.  I could keep this CMS as the core part of the site, and install an instance of WordPress on a subdomain exclusively for the blog. This might be the best of both worlds. Or it could be a nightmare of integration problems.

If you have any feedback or suggestions I would be glad to hear them. I would love to have a poll, but unfortunately this is another feature that is not yet available in Website Publisher..

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