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.SKI Applicant StartingDot Already Promoting New gTLD String On Twitter

August 17, 2012

Dot-Ski Twitter Promotion

A sponsored tweet appeared in my twitter timeline today from none other than @dot_ski, a Twitter account belonging to StartingDot, one of two applicants for the proposed .Ski gTLD.

It’s quite interesting that the company is pushing to market the new Top-Level-Domain before it has even been awarded to them. The other competing applicant for the string is Donuts.co.

It would sure be a shame to spend a lot of money on marketing a TLD and have it wind up in the hands of someone else.

Perhaps StartingDot is hoping to establish brand-equity in the as yet to be delegated TLD in order to demonstrate its level of commitment and perhaps sway the application in their favor.

Their Twitter account currently has about 600 followers. They have an active Facebook Fan Page, and the copy on their Dot-Ski.com website is written as though being granted the application were a foregone conclusion.

Crazy like a fox.  It’s probably what I would do in the same situation.

Hey, if you’re going to spend $185k on the application alone, why not shell out a few more dollars to ensure your odds of success.  It’s as though they’re creating the outcome they want to see.

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