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Slots.co and a .CO Auction Dream

September 4, 2010

I just awoke from a pretty bizarre dream … a domain dream.

As a pretext, (and because I juiced the title of this post with Slots.co and don’t want to hold out on you till the end) … I am one of the landrush applicants for the domain Slots.co and am currently one of 64 registered bidders in the Slots.co auction.

As previously reported by Michael Berkens, Slots.co received the largest number of landrush applications for any .co domain name. Hence the reason they are running it in the final batch of landrush auctions, having saved the best for last.

As of today, 9/4/2010, we’re only 2 days into the week-long auction and the high bid is $15,000, with 8 of the 64 bidders having placed a total of 20 bids so far.  With the highest .co landrush auction to date closing last week at $53,000 for AutoGlass.co, and with the earlier sale this year of Slots.com to Bodog for $5 million, I believe this auction is sure to go higher.

A .CO Auction Domain Dream

The .CO Domain Scream

The .CO Scream

I was in a room like the size of a small classroom where a live .co domain auction was under way. The room was filled with two rows of plastic folding chairs separated by an aisle in the middle. At the head of the room was a big flat screen projector that was displaying the current progress of the live auctions. I was sitting somewhere in the left-front of the classroom and I had become involved in a two way bid for one particular .co domain.

I was bidding against another guy sitting a few rows behind me. There was a lady auctioneer standing to the other side of the room, but she was not barking out calls like a typical auctioneer. I and the other gentlemen became embroiled in a bid war and the next thing I knew we were up over $10,000 and I found myself thinking

This is the last .co domain on auction … I’ve all but missed the boat. … and I really want this generic .co

We’d been bidding in increments of $500 to $1000, but I decided to pull out the stops and try to crush this guy, so I pushed the bid up to $15,000.  He didn’t relent. After a few more bids we were up to $18,000 or $19,000 (a little hazy on that point). I next thought to myself,

What am I doing here? Am I getting caught up in auction fever? What is this domain that I’m bidding for?

I fixed my attention on the large screen projector.  On it there was a row with the auction details that was flashing red. It was what appeared to be the last .co domain at auction.  I got up to get a closer look just to be sure. The board read General.co.

This apparently was enough to break me out of my auction fever, and my rational faculties returned.  I began to think,

General.co?? … If I buy this domain, who would I possibly resell it to? Could I make a profit over the $18,000 investment? If not how would I develop a name like this? General.coGeneral.co ….

I double-checked with the auctioneer and the last bid belonged to the gentleman behind me.  Phew! The decision was mine, and I was off the hook for $18,000.

As I was debating what to do I looked back at the auction display screen, and I then noticed that there was now another domain that appeared at the bottom which apparently was still also running at auction.  That domain was Karate.co and it’s high bid was only $5,000.   Now I was thinking, well this is a much better domain at a better price with greater development potential.  Should I be bidding on this domain?

From there I seemed to drift out of the dream and into waking life. I don’t believe I closed on either of the auctions, but I let them both pass by.

I’m also planning to pass on Slots.co, already up to $15,000.  To be perfectly honest its already over my budget, and only two days into bidding it is sure to go much higher.

Some say that dreams are elements of your waking life breaking through your subconscious. Do you think that my real life situation of being involved with the Slots.co auction was the progenitor of my General.co auction dream?  How would you interpret my dream?.

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