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Small Portfolio Of .QA Domains On the Market Including Games.qa

August 17, 2012

There is a small but interesting portfolio of keyword .qa domains listed for sale by owner through a LinkedIn Group I belong to, so I thought I would share it here to give them more exposure, as I’m sure many will not have seen it before.

  • Credit.qa
  • Fund.qa
  • Games.qa
  • Gas.qa
  • Toys.qa
  • Visit.qa

.Qa is the ccTLD for Qatar, a country of about 1.5 to 2 million population and the sponsoring registry is Qatar Domains Registry.  As noted by DomainGang.com last year when .qa first became publicly available, there is a certain caveat in the registry’s transfer policy that you will want to be aware of in section 3.3 which states,

The intent of this policy is that Domain Names subject to Eligibility Requirements should not be Registered to be sold to another party for commercial gain.

I contacted the seller via email to inquire further about the sale and to ask if the domains are subject to eligibility requirements as outlined in the policy.  He assured me that the domains meet all eligibility requirements, but I would advise everyone to do your own due diligence and recommend having a thorough read through the entire transfer policy [PDF] before engaging.

The sellers name is Alex and you may contact him directly at:  alex (at) yousoufian (dot) com

* This is not a sponsored post and I am not accepting any finders fee or receiving any benefit from the sale.


@ 1pm CST, 8/17/2012

Since the post was first published I’ve been in further correspondence with Alex the seller who expressed some concern that readers might wrongly perceive that he was a “shady seller”.  I did not mean to create that impression, and only pointed to the transfer policy out of responsibility to keep readers informed and encourage everyone to do their own homework.

Alex has gone into great detail with me through email to clarify that his domains do meet all registry requirements and is willing to provide that info to any prospective parties.  So far I’ve found him to be very candid and professional throughout our email exchange and I would encourage anyone interested in the domains to contact him directly with questions.

@ 9/7/2012

DomainGang.com has written a follow-up to this post on the issue of .QA transfer policies.

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