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Some Suggestions for Epik Network

December 12, 2009

Overall I like the idea of Epik Network. For more on that see my previous post about Epik Network vs. Domain Parking

However, as soon as I got my domains up and populated and had a quick but thorough peruse around all the various elements of the content and pages that are generated by Epik, I came up with a shortlist of questions and constructive criticisms, which are:

Duplicate Content – From everything I could tell all the content is taken directly from Wikipedia. I understand that the search engines tend to penalize websites for duplicate content. Also, there is plenty of wikipedia content itself that is duplicated from other areas of the web, meaning some may potentially be triplicate content.

In terms of search engine placement I suppose the question would be, “Is duplicate content better than no content at all?”

Video Embed – I love that the sites include YouTube videos, but I would prefer if the video were imbedded rather than linked out to YouTube.com. Thus if a visitor clicks on the video link they are taken away from my domain.

Also, since it is just a hyperlink, it means that the video does not really count as ‘content’. Search Engines like Google favor multimedia like pages with embedded videos.

Domain For Sale – It would be great if there were an option such as most parking companies have to include a message at the top of the page such as “This domain may be for sale” and a link to a contact form or a mailto:addy

I do receive inquiries and offers directly through my parked domains (currently in negotiations on one I received recently) so this is a real must have for me.

Contextual Advertising – In some cases the content does not seem to match the ppc advertising. This seems puzzling to me. As far as I know ad feeds are contextual, and targeted to match the content of the site.

Choice of Content – In some cases content is not what I would have anticipated, or perhaps liked to have seen. For example, circuits.biz is about a rather obscure band from England rather than the tiny chips used in every piece of electronic equipment around the world.

Chatham.biz is about a defunct supermarket chain rather than the city of Chatham, England (population 70,000) or the town of Chatham, Massachusetts (popular Cape Cod destination.)

Here is another one: Rhinoplasty.biz is about the Primus album rather than the reconstructive surgery (significantly higher CPC I might add)

Epik does allow to create custom content for the sites, but it comes at a monthly fee. I can’t find the pricing for that option at the moment, but to be honest it’s not somthing I want to have to pay for regardless.

So, in tandem with my former post in praise of the Epik model the above are some additional concerns and constructive criticisms that if addressed should make the platform even that much better.

Rob MonsterLastly, I like that Rob is positioning himself as the Tom of Myspace. On every site in the network his thumbnail profile appears as the first user registered for the site. I only wish Rob as much success as Tom, or at least, to have his brainchild be bought out by a mega-corporation for 9-figures! 🙂.

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