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Speculating On Celebrity Sex Tape Domains

September 13, 2012

I’ve noticed recently there are a fair number of speculative registrations surrounding which uber-celeb may wind up falling victim to the next celebrity sex tape scandal.

At this time there exists no less than one-thousand registered .com domains ending in ‘sextape’.

Of course this includes those having to do with known celebrity sex tapes such as that of Paris Hilton, perhaps the most well-known example.  However a great many of these domains appear to be registered either on rumor or pure speculation.

Some are not the least bit surprising, and include those celebs that consistently tar the covers of every tabloid and gossip rag under the sun. For instance, …

  • AngelinaJolieSexTape.com
  • SnookiSexTape.com
  • JenniferAnistonSexTape.com
  • JustinBieberSexTape.com
  • LadyGagaSexTape.com

Others may not be surprising but there are some that left me scratching my head. Aside from music and television personalities the list includes some dead celebrities, former dictators, politicians, so-called royalty, and even one third of the holy trinity.

  • GwenStefaniSexTape.com
  • BeyonceKnowlesSexTape.com
  • AdeleSexTape.com
  • TupacSexTape.com
  • 50CentSexTape.com
  • SkrillexSexTape.com
  • RussellBrandSexTape.com
  • DaveChappelleSexTape.com
  • KateMiddletonSexTape.com
  • PrinceHarrySexTape.com
  • BarackSexTape.com
  • ObamaSexTape.com
  • SteveJobsSexTape.com
  • AdolfHitlerSexTape.com
  • JesusSexTape.com

And the list goes on.  A number of celebrity sex tape domains are registered to a company by the name of Hollywood Revenue (*NSFW) who appear to run an affiliated network of existing sex tape and other adult oriented sites.

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