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Speculating on Domain Forum Wanted Threads Is Generally a Bad Idea

April 2, 2013

I’d like to share a situation I ran into today on a domain forum, that might help anyone new to domaining.

Recently I posted a thread in the ‘Domains Wanted’ sub-forum, and today I received a private message from a forum user there who had submitted two domains to me earlier in the week.  In the note to me today, this person indicated that they’d just registered the domains for me, and were frustrated that I’d failed to respond.

It appears that, after reviewing my wanted thread, they went off to hand-register a couple domains that met the minimum criteria of what I specified I was looking for, in hopes of a quick payday.

Unfortunately, as will already be clear to many, this is not a good approach, and in the long run I have no doubt will lose you more money than it will ever make.

I mentioned above that the domains they’d sent met my ‘minimum’ criteria.  Although I’d been very clear about specifying the types of domains I was looking for, this in no way means that I’m prepared to purchase every domain that falls under those guidelines.  I still aim to be as selective as possible with narrowing down my purchases from those that do.  I believe others would tell you the same.

On the flip side, over the years I’ve responded to many domains wanted postings myself and of all the domains I’ve ever submitted only a fraction have ever sold or received some confirmation of interest.  The bottom line is you never really know what a buyer might be looking for.  Sometimes the buyer does not even know exactly what they are looking for, until they find it.

Sadly, the person in this story probably wasted around $16, and is now stuck with a couple domains that will more than likely never sell.  Perhaps this person thought they were being entrepreneurial, taking a risk.  I can respect that.  I’ve certainly flopped down more than $16 before to experiment with some new idea to see just whether it would ‘work’, or not.

That brings us back to the reason for today’s post, which is to resolve the question ahead of time, for those newbies that may be contemplating this idea.  In my opinion it’s just not worth it.

If you disagree (or agree) feel free to comment.

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