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This morning I was reading through Domain Name Wire’s weekly report of domains bought by end users.  Scanning the list, I came to GFIDirect.com, and paused briefly to consider why someone would have registered that particular domain with the hopes of reselling in the first place. Googling the term “GFI Direct” in quotations returns almost […]

I’m currently testing out a new file syncing service called AeroFS to keep files synced between my laptop, desktop and other devices. In the process of getting set up, reorganizing my file structure and ‘clearing out the clutter’, I’ve been combing through a lot of orphaned files including old keyword and domain market research.  Although […]

If you want to sell your domains, in general I believe it’s a good idea to have your portfolio listed on as many different aftermarket platforms as possible.  But there may be an exception to that rule. Administering and managing a domain portfolio can be very tedious, and one must always take into consideration the […]

… If you answered BuyDomains portfolio, you would be correct. Specifically, domains owned by BuyDomains always appear in the first and third positions, whereas domains registered with Go Daddy being sold by private sellers always occupy the second and fourth slots. To verify this simply check for a domain name at GoDaddy that is already […]

This is a small idea and it may or may  not be beneficial, but I thought it might be worth mentioning anyway. Often when I’m adding domains for sale at Sedo, Afternic, TDNAM, or other aftermarket venues, I find that some domains just don’t seem to fit well into any category. What if users had […]

This is an informal survey I conducted this morning based on the Domains Wanted sections of two popular domainer forums: DNForum and NamePros. Going through the first 3 pages on each forum, I made notes on the types of domains that domainers were looking for, counting only results from threads that were started in 2012. […]