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This post is a follow-on to the recent post by TorontoDomainer on 50 free search engines and directories to submit your website for backlinks. The author did a great job in putting the list together but I have to admit when I first saw the words “for domainers” in the post title, I had anticipated […]

I run several websites, one of which is focused on Distance Learning. You may recall I wrote early last year about a method for trying to sell the site through LinkedIn Groups. The result of that excursion was fruitful in the sense that I did get many leads, but in the end I passed on selling […]

Here’s yet another great example of why owning a category killer domain name is worth its weight. Free Backlinks Have you ever been writing something on a forum or in response to a blog post and to illustrate a point you needed to use an example domain name? If so what did you do? Odds […]

Today I want to share with you three simple online tools I have found to be helpful for optimizing my developed websites. Google Webmaster Central Website Grader Majestic SEO Google Webmaster Central Webmaster Central is the first place you should go after you’ve gone live with your website. According to different reports I have read […]

Here is a quick point I want to make about link-building since from a number of related articles and forum threads I’ve come across on the web I get the feeling that many are still quite unaware of this aspect of SEO. The rel=”nofollow” attribute The primary purpose of link building is to create backlinks […]