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In Case You Missed It

January 22, 2013

There were a couple of great comments in defense of domain investing the other day, on TheDomains.com, in response to .Gay TLD applicant Alexander Schubert’s call for ‘dead domainers’.  Here is the original article, for reference, in case you missed it. The focus of that article is not a subject I wish to dwell on […]

Depending on where you go for statistics, you’ll find that more than half of all new startups fail within the first four years of business Some put that rate inside of 3 years.  Others give a slightly higher or lower percentage of businesses that fail.  The conventional wisdom I’ve seen quoted and passed around by […]

The domain community has seen its share of new industry blogs coming online over the past year (including yours truly.) One of those, in this authors mind, stands out as an especially keen addition to the domaining world, not simply for the value it adds to domainers, but for both domainers and end-users alike, in […]

When I came across the following domain name today, I initially thought to myself,  “what could the owner be thinking?? this is a double trademark whammy!!” AndersenStormDoorsAtHomeDepot.com The domain owner appeared to be TM squatting on not one, but two major corporations! However a quick whois search revealed that the owner of the domain is […]

Opportunities to market your business are everywhere. It all depends how creative you can get or how many stones you’re willing to turn over. How many of you still get paper bills in the mail the old-school way? If so you may take it for granted that those bills and invoices in the mail come […]