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There is a small but interesting portfolio of keyword .qa domains listed for sale by owner through a LinkedIn Group I belong to, so I thought I would share it here to give them more exposure, as I’m sure many will not have seen it before. Credit.qa Fund.qa Games.qa Gas.qa Toys.qa Visit.qa .Qa is the […]

You learn something new every day as the old saying goes, and that is certainly true of being involved in the domain industry. Today I learned about the .Cat top-level domain.  Nope, this is not a new string awaiting approval under ICANN’s new gTLD program.  This is a bonafide TLD that has been around since […]

Depending on where you go for statistics, you’ll find that more than half of all new startups fail within the first four years of business Some put that rate inside of 3 years.  Others give a slightly higher or lower percentage of businesses that fail.  The conventional wisdom I’ve seen quoted and passed around by […]

I saw that there is an upcoming Moniker & NameDrive Premium International & ccTLD Auction in July.  I thought for a moment about submitting a few domains, until I realized one thing:  An unreasonably long period of exclusivity. Here are the official auction dates and deadlines: Submissions End: May 10, 2012 Auction Begins: June 21, […]

A couple days back I had an expiring one-word .tv domain on my watchlist – Auctions.tv.  It was due to drop at 3am on April 8th.  However when the evening of April 7th rolled around I somehow lost track and called it quits for the night without having set up a backorder.  It completely slipped […]

It looks as though domain registrar Name.com pushed out several new ccTLDs onto its platform today, including .ca (Canada), .fr (France), .ch (Switzerland), .cz (Czech Republic), .pl (Poland), and over a dozen others. I observed the change around 2pm while conducting some domain research.  I like using Name.com to run a a quick bulk scan […]

Up with the chickens this morning, I put on some television, and surfing the channels I came across an infomercial for a product called No! No! Hair. The infomercial advertised the domain TryNoNo.tv.  Naturally I wondered about the choice of TLD, and whether the .COM was taken or what was behind their decision for using […]