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I’m attempting to hire a writer for one of my developed websites.  I’ve been using Odesk to subcontract other types of work for a while now, so I turned to them to seek some help. The site I’m hiring for is about distance learning at the University level, so it’s pretty important that the person […]

This is the second post in a row that will be off point with domain names/marketing and for that I apologize. I do have a number of great blog posts in store but I can’t bring myself to dedicate to them until I’ve officially transfered this blog over to the new domain at DomainAnimal.com, which […]

Overall I like the idea of Epik Network. For more on that see my previous post about Epik Network vs. Domain Parking However, as soon as I got my domains up and populated and had a quick but thorough peruse around all the various elements of the content and pages that are generated by Epik, […]

I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways to utilize the domains I have on lay-away (that is, either waiting to be developed or sold.) I consider parking to be under-utilizing. I recently came across Rob Monster’s Epik Network. Epik Network endeavors to provide domain owners with an alternative platform to traditional domain […]

Free Custom Fonts

October 27, 2009

For anyone doing development work, I wanted to share an awesome new source I’ve found for free stock custom fonts.  www.multimedia-stock.com They are a stock photo site that has spun off of the stockxchange, after many of their top photographers angrily dispatched themselves and their catalogues after the recent acquisition of the site by another […]