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Domain Aftermarket

I’m currently testing out a new file syncing service called AeroFS to keep files synced between my laptop, desktop and other devices. In the process of getting set up, reorganizing my file structure and ‘clearing out the clutter’, I’ve been combing through a lot of orphaned files including old keyword and domain market research.  Although […]

Yesterday domain broker Toby Clements revealed a new section to his popular daily domain newsletter, highlighting what he calls Value Oriented Domains. In Toby’s words, these are domains which have either, High CPC, Alexa Ranking, Generic Keyword Strength, are DMOZ Listed or all of the Above.  All domains in this section are set to a […]

Over the preceding weeks I’ve been more or less in the tank, and have finally emerged with new direction. You may notice that the site has been completely redesigned and rebranded. (I was just having too many recurrent problems on the old platform, but anticipate smooth sailing from here on out.) Additionally, I’ve just completed […]