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Domain Names

No one is likely to dispute that Frank Schilling is one smart cookie, but almost no where is this more evident to me than when one examines the evolution of the Domain Names 101 page on his flagship DomainNameSales.com website. Viewing the page again for the first time in many months, it struck me that […]

(Editor’s Note: See bottom of post for an important correction to this article) According to Google Trends, the relative global search volume for ‘domains’ and ‘domain names‘ has been steadily declining since 2004, while during that same time reference to ‘domains’ and ‘domain names’ in the media have been on the rise. Judging from the […]

Yesterday I wrote about Mitt Romney and some of the interesting domains being used as a part of his election campaign.  So today its only fitting I do a piece around Barack Obama. There’s  a new internet meme making the rounds based on something Obama said in a recent speech.  In case you havn’t heard […]

¿Quién Es Mitt Romney?

July 19, 2012

A Look At Some of the Presidential Hopeful’s Campaign Domain Strategies Leading up to the U.S. presidential election it looks as though its now down to two men, and at least one of those two are using Google Adwords to promote their campaign. That would be Mitt Romney.  I discovered an advertisement (see below left) […]

The domain community has seen its share of new industry blogs coming online over the past year (including yours truly.) One of those, in this authors mind, stands out as an especially keen addition to the domaining world, not simply for the value it adds to domainers, but for both domainers and end-users alike, in […]

… And why choosing the right domain name is like preventive medicine If you are a bricks & mortar business, here is a cautionary tale about not having a website.  The story begins like this … I decided recently to get myself a full physical.  I get one yearly physical compliments of my current health […]

Today I stumbled on what I feel is one of the smartest domain sales landing pages that I have seen, possibly ever. Not only does it do an outstanding  job of explaining the benefits of owning the domain, (it cites market statistics and revenue projections, and includes quotes from research firms and even Warren Buffet) […]

I spotted the sale of Feni.com on the latest DNJournal Sales report with interest.  The domain sold by Latonas  for $3,000 at the recent T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Milan auction. I think the buyer got a nice deal. You might look at Feni.com as a nice pronounceable 4-letter .com domain, of the web 2.0 kind, but Feni is […]

Over the preceding weeks I’ve been more or less in the tank, and have finally emerged with new direction. You may notice that the site has been completely redesigned and rebranded. (I was just having too many recurrent problems on the old platform, but anticipate smooth sailing from here on out.) Additionally, I’ve just completed […]