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Although it isn’t a regular column to this blog, consider this my weekend musings, if you will.  The following are some thoughts I was having a moment ago while giving my head and beard a quick trim for the coming week. Several days ago I caught a post on Abdul Basit’s blog, New Year Starts […]

This morning I was reading through Domain Name Wire’s weekly report of domains bought by end users.  Scanning the list, I came to GFIDirect.com, and paused briefly to consider why someone would have registered that particular domain with the hopes of reselling in the first place. Googling the term “GFI Direct” in quotations returns almost […]

Is Precognition Real?

March 30, 2012

Do you believe in precognition?  Precognition is the experience of sensing a future occurrence prior to having direct first-hand knowledge of it actually happening. I have a recent story to share that is domain related which involves what I believe may have been precognition (of some sort). It happened this past Friday.  I woke up […]

I heard someone say not long ago that it’s the smaller sales that are often the most trouble, and the most time-consuming.  A recent domain sale of mine echoes this sentiment … I received an initial inquiry on the domain on February 2nd.  The final sale price and method of transaction were agreed upon within […]

My Domain List is a WordPress plugin which allows users to easily implement a way to list their domains for sale from any WP website.  Once the plugin’s settings are configured and you’ve uploaded a list of domains, displaying the domains for sale on your website is as easy as entering a simple piece of […]

Sedo’s February .ME domain name auction sponsored by the .ME Registry ended a short while ago at Sedo.com.  Read the results below. There were 178 .ME domains up for auction, and of those, at least 94 closed at prices above their reserve range.  That is better than 50% of domains sold. (Note: this number may […]

Exactly how hard is it to make a livable income off selling domains? Whether or not you’ve just been bitten by the domain bug, or for those who are already on their way but struggling to hammer out a decent living from selling domains, this post is worth the next 5 minutes of your life. […]