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From the Sales.mx blog … Get Loco With Sales.mx and Win a Free Domain Sales.mx is going loco, and we’re taking you with us! To help spread the word about Sales.mx, the world’s only exclusive market for buying and selling .mx domains, we will go to any lengths – even giving away one of our […]

HostingCon, the largest annual web hosting industry conference, has just announced that registered attendees may now vote for which expert talks will be given over the duration of the show.  There are a few domain-related sessions proposed, whose abstracts are listed below. Companies behind the session proposals include NameMedia, OpenSRS (Tucows), ResellerClub, and LogicBoxes (Directi). […]

(Editor’s Note: See bottom of post for an important correction to this article) According to Google Trends, the relative global search volume for ‘domains’ and ‘domain names‘ has been steadily declining since 2004, while during that same time reference to ‘domains’ and ‘domain names’ in the media have been on the rise. Judging from the […]

Remembering Gunman

May 3, 2012

A Domain Campfire Story Recently I tried to dump a handful of domains that were soon to be dropped, by listing them over at Bido.com, a domain sales venue I hadn’t frequented in quite some time, perhaps a year or more. I used to make fairly extensive use of their Sales Archive tool to see […]

Yesterday I wrote about my curious finding that General Electric Company owns the domain PokerFastlane.com. Still struggling to find some connection between the two, my next step was to sleuth Google for some answers.  A search for the domain PokerFastlane.com revealed numerous hits referencing a quote from another television show called 30 Rock.  Here was […]

One of the company’s curious domain holdings would have you wonder … I’m not sure where exactly this story begins, so let’s start with PokerFastlane.com.  The domain’s registrant is none other than General Electric Company (GE).    Registrant: General Electric Company Domain Administrator 3135 Easton Turnpike Fairfield, CT 06828-0001 US Email: domain.admin@ge.com Registrar Name….: CORPORATE […]

As I blogged about yesterday, the results of this month’s .ME domain auction over at Sedo.com were nothing less than fabulous, tallying north of $340k in total sales, with more than 50% of auction inventory sold. Over the past year Sedo has been holding a regular series of .ME domain auctions in coordination with the […]

(Editor’s forward to this article: The screenshot taken below and the proceeding details were dated from January 25th.  While writing this article and double-checking some facts today (yes, I actually fact-check each of my posts prior to publishing) … it appears that the feature in question is no longer present, and has been updated to […]

I got interested in audio advertising back around late 2007/early 2008 when a company called NetAudioAds made a brief stir in the online advertising world.  They pretty much crashed and burned, and I won’t get into all of that. (but a word of warning, if you visit their website: don’t bother.  The site is still […]