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With ICANN taking applications soon and plans to roll out new TLDs coming down the pipeline there has been a lot of talk and debate about the merits, if any, for new TLDs, whether or not .com will be affected and how, and other such discussion. There is also banter about who stands to gain […]

I’ve been taking a leave from computer work since this past Thursday evening due to the hard drive crashing on my computer. In the interim while it’s in for repair I thought about picking up a new desktop to hold me over. I hesitated for a day or so in consideration, and what I found […]

What a Waste – 2012.com

January 4, 2010

Undeveloped; no landing page; no redirect; not even parked. The domain 2012.com is stuck in utter domain limbo. With the recent release of the blockbuster film 2012, and of course, the clock ticking down to less than three years from 11:11am December 21, 2012 this domain must be getting a tremendous amount of type-in traffic. […]

As the calendar winds down to 2010, we’re prompted to look forward to a new year and new possibilities. I’ve also been spending some time reflecting on the past year, as perhaps you have too. For some time now I’ve been considering to write a post on domain names that at one time or another […]

I was just a wee lad during the early ‘80s, knee high to a cat’s ass. But my Father has recounted to me on a number of occasions about a time in those days when he was unemployed, during which his regular routine was to wake up, bright and early, shower up, put on his […]

Having been a long time online poker player I can still recall news of the “Scandal That Rocked The Online Poker Industry” to steal the recent headline from this TechCrunch editorial concerning the Snapnames auction scandal we’ve all read so much about in the last two days. In late 2007 word spread that there was […]