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Recently I worked on a negotiation with a buyer for a domain I had acquired about six months earlier. During the negotiation which lasted several weeks, I was bouncing some of my negotiation strategy and thought processes off a good friend of mine, to help clarify my thinking, and to elicit feedback to ensure I […]

Leading with a headline about .IO is likely to have many readers rolling their eyes.  Everyone knows that .com is king, and no one in their right mind would argue otherwise.  But when .com can’t be afforded, startups naturally turn to alternatives like .NET and .CO, right? You may be surprised to learn that a […]

Here is Part II to the post I began earlier in the week.  In case you missed Part I, here is the first sample end-user email. This second example is short and to the point.  Again, I’m not trying to sell the buyer on initial contact, but mainly just to elicit a response of some […]

Domain investor Elliot Silver recently shared an example email for contacting potential end-users about domain names for sale, so I thought I’d share a couple of my own. For what it’s worth, I do not consider myself a great salesman and I have never had a tremendous amount of success at cold-contacting, but these are […]

This may seem obvious, but for whatever reason it’s something I’ve neglected to do on a few occasions in the past when pushing domains I’ve sold to new owners. When pushing a domain name the registrar will generally ask you to check a box to identify whether you would like to have the domain adopt […]

KetMo.com is a fairly new domain marketplace that I have seen advertised lately in the Domaining.com newsletter and other places.  In addition to listing domains and websites for sale, they also offer private domain auctions, domain brokerage, and have run some interesting promotions like cash back rebates for sellers. I recently reached out to Scott […]

I heard someone say not long ago that it’s the smaller sales that are often the most trouble, and the most time-consuming.  A recent domain sale of mine echoes this sentiment … I received an initial inquiry on the domain on February 2nd.  The final sale price and method of transaction were agreed upon within […]

The domain community has seen its share of new industry blogs coming online over the past year (including yours truly.) One of those, in this authors mind, stands out as an especially keen addition to the domaining world, not simply for the value it adds to domainers, but for both domainers and end-users alike, in […]