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Go Daddy

I received a notification in my spam folder today with the following subject line: Status Alert: Potential risk to the server. Hovering above the sender in Gmail reveals the spammer is masking their email as tech@mya.godaddy.com. However the message is not legitimate.  The actual hyperlink contained in the email points to a .ru (Russia ccTLD) […]

There are a lot of reasons I can think of that one might want to bid on a Go Daddy expiring auction more than 7 to 10 days in advance of the end date, and absolutely none of them make sense. Following is a poll to see if we can get to the bottom of […]

As I sit in the Orange County Airport awaiting departure back home to Texas, I want to take a moment to say a special and very sincere THANK YOU to all of the wonderfully generous sponsors whose contributions helped make DBRFunFest, not only possible, but incredibly memorable. One of the great things I found in […]

I’ve never posted a list of expiring or available domains before and I have no idea if or when I’ll do so again, but over the weekend I did some list sorting of .CO domains expiring over at TDNAM, as there were a good many one and two-word keyword domains beginning to drop from the […]

… If you answered BuyDomains portfolio, you would be correct. Specifically, domains owned by BuyDomains always appear in the first and third positions, whereas domains registered with Go Daddy being sold by private sellers always occupy the second and fourth slots. To verify this simply check for a domain name at GoDaddy that is already […]

Is Precognition Real?

March 30, 2012

Do you believe in precognition?  Precognition is the experience of sensing a future occurrence prior to having direct first-hand knowledge of it actually happening. I have a recent story to share that is domain related which involves what I believe may have been precognition (of some sort). It happened this past Friday.  I woke up […]

Perhaps not if you list your domains for sale at Sedo, and certainly not if you care about saving 20% commission on your sale price. As a result of Go Daddy’s recent partnership with domain aftermarket Sedo, domain names registered with Go Daddy that are listed for sale with a fixed price on Sedo.com are […]

Don’t be confused between the minimum bid price and what you actually pay.   To those who regularly buy expiring domains from other backorder and drop catching services like Pool, Snapnames, and others, this may come as a surprise, because those services all include the cost to renew the domain out for another year into the […]

(Editor’s forward to this article: The screenshot taken below and the proceeding details were dated from January 25th.  While writing this article and double-checking some facts today (yes, I actually fact-check each of my posts prior to publishing) … it appears that the feature in question is no longer present, and has been updated to […]