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In an update to our previous post about an email spammer sending out affiliate spam for .CO renewals at GoDaddy, it appears as though the same spammers are back at it, cycling through disposable Gmail addresses as the old ones get flagged/blocked.  Or does it? I certainly havn’t been able to keep them out of […]

Be careful if you receive any email purporting to be from Go Daddy about “quickly renewing your .co domains”.  I just received two such emails claiming to be Godaddy in the From line. It is NOT from Go Daddy. The email address being used is godaddyrenew@gmail.com Obviously a company as large and commercial as Go […]

Peering Into My Crystal Ball

January 27, 2011

A peek into the future at what this year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial will look like I LOVE to make predictions. I also love to be right about them, which of course doesn’t always happen.  Really the point is in conducting the mental exercise in trying to read the future.  That’s what we do, after […]