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Don’t Fear the EMD Reaper

December 24, 2012

I began drafting this post back in late October, in the wake of a Google algorithm change called the ‘EMD Update’ and never got around to finishing it, until now. Merry Christmas. As most readers will be aware, EMD’s stand for ‘Exact Match Domains’. Lately (at least, back in October) every time I turned around […]

(Editor’s Note: See bottom of post for an important correction to this article) According to Google Trends, the relative global search volume for ‘domains’ and ‘domain names‘ has been steadily declining since 2004, while during that same time reference to ‘domains’ and ‘domain names’ in the media have been on the rise. Judging from the […]

I recently followed a bad link to a web address and was surprised to discover that the 404 error page returned a PPC lander served up by the web host. I can’t recall ever seeing this before, and I don’t know how common it is.  I use HostGator as my web host, and to my […]

I believe I’m just recently witnessing the results of an algorithm update by Google from back in November that I’ve seen referred to elsewhere as the ‘freshness update’. I’ve been hitting the blog hard this past month, posting much more actively than I have at any time since I began this site in late 2009.  […]

When I came across the following domain name today, I initially thought to myself,  “what could the owner be thinking?? this is a double trademark whammy!!” AndersenStormDoorsAtHomeDepot.com The domain owner appeared to be TM squatting on not one, but two major corporations! However a quick whois search revealed that the owner of the domain is […]

Today I want to share with you three simple online tools I have found to be helpful for optimizing my developed websites. Google Webmaster Central Website Grader Majestic SEO Google Webmaster Central Webmaster Central is the first place you should go after you’ve gone live with your website. According to different reports I have read […]

Testing the Limits of Google

November 3, 2009

Have you ever tested the limits of Google? I was poking around on Google just now researching some keywords. Did you know that by default Google stops counting after 85 pages of search results? Now you do. In the past I’ve noticed that when researching the popularity of keywords, Google will often show total results […]