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link building

This post is a follow-on to the recent post by TorontoDomainer on 50 free search engines and directories to submit your website for backlinks. The author did a great job in putting the list together but I have to admit when I first saw the words “for domainers” in the post title, I had anticipated […]

I run several websites, one of which is focused on Distance Learning. You may recall I wrote early last year about a method for trying to sell the site through LinkedIn Groups. The result of that excursion was fruitful in the sense that I did get many leads, but in the end I passed on selling […]

Here is the full source code for the website of Bruce Willis at BruceWillis.com: Here is the websites PageRank What’s the point? Well, Bruce Willis puts out a lot of great content. From Die Hard to Live Free or Die Hard, from the old days of Moonlighting (a great show which I’m barely old enough […]

Here is a quick point I want to make about link-building since from a number of related articles and forum threads I’ve come across on the web I get the feeling that many are still quite unaware of this aspect of SEO. The rel=”nofollow” attribute The primary purpose of link building is to create backlinks […]