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No one is likely to dispute that Frank Schilling is one smart cookie, but almost no where is this more evident to me than when one examines the evolution of the Domain Names 101 page on his flagship DomainNameSales.com website. Viewing the page again for the first time in many months, it struck me that […]

I’m currently testing out a new file syncing service called AeroFS to keep files synced between my laptop, desktop and other devices. In the process of getting set up, reorganizing my file structure and ‘clearing out the clutter’, I’ve been combing through a lot of orphaned files including old keyword and domain market research.  Although […]

Here is Part II to the post I began earlier in the week.  In case you missed Part I, here is the first sample end-user email. This second example is short and to the point.  Again, I’m not trying to sell the buyer on initial contact, but mainly just to elicit a response of some […]

Up with the chickens this morning, I put on some television, and surfing the channels I came across an infomercial for a product called No! No! Hair. The infomercial advertised the domain TryNoNo.tv.  Naturally I wondered about the choice of TLD, and whether the .COM was taken or what was behind their decision for using […]

While doing some research this morning I came across a post from Elliot’s Blog about marketing domains at trade shows.  This made me remember that I actually have tried this idea before, in July of 2010 at HostingCon in Austin TX. I’d been planning to attend anyway, and the idea struck me that I might […]

My Domain List is a WordPress plugin which allows users to easily implement a way to list their domains for sale from any WP website.  Once the plugin’s settings are configured and you’ve uploaded a list of domains, displaying the domains for sale on your website is as easy as entering a simple piece of […]

What’s the deal with Mexico in the domain name space and how good of an investment is the .MX ccTLD? Is she is, or is she ain’t?  That is the question, and has been a topic of discussion for domainers and domain investors since early on in the .MX landrush of 2009. So why should […]

Recently Ron Jackson shared his experience monetizing domains with SmartName ecommerce templates. To be honest these Smartname shops are much more than parking templates as they’re integrated with Shopping.com product feeds and are almost fully customizable, from everything including adding a custom header to manual SEO optimization, for those that are comfortable. I’ve been testing […]

Today I stumbled on what I feel is one of the smartest domain sales landing pages that I have seen, possibly ever. Not only does it do an outstanding  job of explaining the benefits of owning the domain, (it cites market statistics and revenue projections, and includes quotes from research firms and even Warren Buffet) […]