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Following is breaking news on the domain monetization front Yesterday I was informed of a truly exciting new service for domain monetization from a company called Root Orange. I’ve been conversing with Camilo Acosta, Co-President of Root Orange through email about the new program that promises to create the potential for significant recurring revenue streams […]

Overall I like the idea of Epik Network. For more on that see my previous post about Epik Network vs. Domain Parking However, as soon as I got my domains up and populated and had a quick but thorough peruse around all the various elements of the content and pages that are generated by Epik, […]

I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways to utilize the domains I have on lay-away (that is, either waiting to be developed or sold.) I consider parking to be under-utilizing. I recently came across Rob Monster’s Epik Network. Epik Network endeavors to provide domain owners with an alternative platform to traditional domain […]