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Recently I worked on a negotiation with a buyer for a domain I had acquired about six months earlier. During the negotiation which lasted several weeks, I was bouncing some of my negotiation strategy and thought processes off a good friend of mine, to help clarify my thinking, and to elicit feedback to ensure I […]

Believe your eyes.  The following domains are now up For Sale: Poker.co.uk TexasHoldem.co.uk Omaha.co.uk PokerForum.co.uk The domains are being sold by Matt Dale, Founding Director of Poker.co.uk and The Gambling Network. I just caught wind of the sale via a discussion he started today on a mutual LinkedIn Networking Group that we both belong to. […]

I know its been said before, but I needed a little reminder today … As a former online poker player I tend to draw a lot of parallels from the poker table.  One lesson I find myself having to relearn (its something I know but need to be reminded of from time to time) is […]

You may remember that nearly a year ago, on April 15th 2011, the FBI seized the domain names of the three largest online poker sites catering to U.S. players.  Those sites were AbsolutePoker.com, FullTitlePoker.com and PokerStars.com. Well as of this writing, Absolute Poker’s US based players are yet to be able to withdraw any money […]

One of the company’s curious domain holdings would have you wonder … I’m not sure where exactly this story begins, so let’s start with PokerFastlane.com.  The domain’s registrant is none other than General Electric Company (GE).    Registrant: General Electric Company Domain Administrator 3135 Easton Turnpike Fairfield, CT 06828-0001 US Email: domain.admin@ge.com Registrar Name….: CORPORATE […]

Back in November of last year, at the height of the Snapnames auction scandal, I wrote a personal assessment of the situation comparing it to the Absolute Poker scandal of 2007.  In comparison I recalled how quickly it was that Absolute Poker was back on its feet and suffered almost no significant revenue loss, and […]

Having been a long time online poker player I can still recall news of the “Scandal That Rocked The Online Poker Industry” to steal the recent headline from this TechCrunch editorial concerning the Snapnames auction scandal we’ve all read so much about in the last two days. In late 2007 word spread that there was […]