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This morning I was reading through Domain Name Wire’s weekly report of domains bought by end users.  Scanning the list, I came to GFIDirect.com, and paused briefly to consider why someone would have registered that particular domain with the hopes of reselling in the first place. Googling the term “GFI Direct” in quotations returns almost […]

I recently followed a bad link to a web address and was surprised to discover that the 404 error page returned a PPC lander served up by the web host. I can’t recall ever seeing this before, and I don’t know how common it is.  I use HostGator as my web host, and to my […]

Feed providers may block a domain at any time and the parking provider has no way to know This may not be news for some of you, but I just learned about it.  About five months ago I picked up an expiring domain with traffic in a very high paying vertical.  Since then I’ve been […]

How HTTP.com makes MONEY

March 23, 2011

Today I was updating a website for someone, and I came across a broken link which had a double http:// in front of the www.  Once clicked, instead of the intended destination, the hyperlink typo directed me to a parked page on the domain http.com. I decided to take a quick peak at the domain’s […]