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Notable domain industry investor and entrepreneur Francois Carillo who runs a network of domain sales and services sites, including Domaining.com and CAX.com, may have gotten the biggest baddest Cyber Monday ‘deal’ of all today. The 2-number (NN) domain 25.com has just entered into auction at CAX having met reserve with a single bid of $1,500,000.  […]

As a follow-on to Saturday’s commentary on domain aftermarkets, I thought it would be good to get an informal estimate of seller activity among the various aftermarkets venues. This poll has two parts.  The first part asks which domain marketplace venues you have actually sold a domain through in the past 12 months. The second […]

This is a small idea and it may or may  not be beneficial, but I thought it might be worth mentioning anyway. Often when I’m adding domains for sale at Sedo, Afternic, TDNAM, or other aftermarket venues, I find that some domains just don’t seem to fit well into any category. What if users had […]

The Art of Domaining

May 18, 2011

Lying in bed this morning I was pondering the impression some people may have of what I do for a living from the outside looking in. I began thinking what I would say to anyone who ‘wanted in’ thinking this was some sort of easy money.  In considering my response to such a person, there […]

Today I stumbled on what I feel is one of the smartest domain sales landing pages that I have seen, possibly ever. Not only does it do an outstanding  job of explaining the benefits of owning the domain, (it cites market statistics and revenue projections, and includes quotes from research firms and even Warren Buffet) […]

I spotted the sale of Feni.com on the latest DNJournal Sales report with interest.  The domain sold by Latonas  for $3,000 at the recent T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Milan auction. I think the buyer got a nice deal. You might look at Feni.com as a nice pronounceable 4-letter .com domain, of the web 2.0 kind, but Feni is […]

Over the preceding weeks I’ve been more or less in the tank, and have finally emerged with new direction. You may notice that the site has been completely redesigned and rebranded. (I was just having too many recurrent problems on the old platform, but anticipate smooth sailing from here on out.) Additionally, I’ve just completed […]

You may or may not be aware that NewYork.info has changed hands three times over the years, steadily increasing in its purchase price and the return on investment for each successive owner. Its last reported sale was for $70,000 in July of 2007. Although it does not appear to be in the hands of an […]

I talked in my last post about how I’d been working on the sale of a developed domain with traffic by targeting Google Adwords advertisers. Today I wanted to share the early results of another approach that I used this week to try to generate a sale for another (different) developed site of mine. Owen […]