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… You can’t make ’em drink. Following is how I arrived at this somewhat painful aphorism earlier in the week … I decided I would try to sell one of my developed websites. The site receives around 200 visitors per month. This is not a huge amount of traffic, but its for a fairly niche […]

The Snapnames/Domainer Mardi Gras showcase auction closed earlier this afternoon. Here are the results for those who may have missed it. What I found interesting and what I have seen others mention on the forums is that although the instructions that appeared on the auction submission page clearly called for submissions of 1 to 2 […]

Domain Auction Marketing

January 25, 2010

Jamie Zoch has just written an interesting post on his blog with advice and some helpful pointers on submitting domain names to auctions. I wanted to expand on the section he wrote on auction promotion. I think Jamie is very on target with what he says here: “Many sellers assume that your domain name submitted […]

Its difficult to sell some domains no matter how hard you try. Here’s the account of how I tried and failed to bring more buyers to a recent Sedo auction for a .us domain … I received an offer via Sedo for the domain sledding.us. The initial offer was a lowball offer of $60 (the […]