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Bought on Namejet this past January, the domain Ching.com was resold in Sedo’s GreatDomains auction which closed last Thursday. While eyeballing a domain at Sedo’s latest monthly GreatDomains auction which closed this past Thursday, another domain, Ching.com caught my eye because I knew I had seen it before in the not too distant past. Sure […]

Two weeks ago, DNJournal reported the domain Tequilas.net was sold on Sedo for $7,800. I recalled researching some wines & spirits domains last year on DNSalePrice.com.  I had the feeling it was not the first time this domain had been reported sold, and memory served correct. In September of 2008, Tequilas.net had changed hands in […]

The latest political buzz phrase making headlines over the last few days is about the 47 Percent.  The source of the term comes from comments made by Mitt Romney during a presidential campaign fundraiser some time ago.  Apparently video of a candid conversation there was recently leaked on YouTube.  HuffingtonPost has more on the back […]

If you want to sell your domains, in general I believe it’s a good idea to have your portfolio listed on as many different aftermarket platforms as possible.  But there may be an exception to that rule. Administering and managing a domain portfolio can be very tedious, and one must always take into consideration the […]

Personal Portfolio Auction Doesn’t Stack Up To Registry-Sponsored Auctions Here is the final tally of domains that closed over reserve in yesterday’s .ME portfolio auction at Sedo. (note: sales are not final until officially published by Sedo). Domain Closing Price Chic.me $499.00 Deactivate.me $499.00 Keyboard.me $349.00 Recall.me $999.00 Shared.me $999.00 Tagged.me $999.00 Vocal.me $499.00 Wifi4.me […]

Perhaps not if you list your domains for sale at Sedo, and certainly not if you care about saving 20% commission on your sale price. As a result of Go Daddy’s recent partnership with domain aftermarket Sedo, domain names registered with Go Daddy that are listed for sale with a fixed price on Sedo.com are […]

This is a small idea and it may or may  not be beneficial, but I thought it might be worth mentioning anyway. Often when I’m adding domains for sale at Sedo, Afternic, TDNAM, or other aftermarket venues, I find that some domains just don’t seem to fit well into any category. What if users had […]

If you’ve sold a domain name through Sedo, after the transaction has closed, or in the event it has been canceled, (as happened to me in December after I accepted an offer on one of my domains and the buyer subsequently failed to make payment) you will be able to view the signed Domain Sales […]

As I blogged about yesterday, the results of this month’s .ME domain auction over at Sedo.com were nothing less than fabulous, tallying north of $340k in total sales, with more than 50% of auction inventory sold. Over the past year Sedo has been holding a regular series of .ME domain auctions in coordination with the […]