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I saw that there is an upcoming Moniker & NameDrive Premium International & ccTLD Auction in July.  I thought for a moment about submitting a few domains, until I realized one thing:  An unreasonably long period of exclusivity. Here are the official auction dates and deadlines: Submissions End: May 10, 2012 Auction Begins: June 21, […]

What’s the deal with Mexico in the domain name space and how good of an investment is the .MX ccTLD? Is she is, or is she ain’t?  That is the question, and has been a topic of discussion for domainers and domain investors since early on in the .MX landrush of 2009. So why should […]

The Snapnames/Domainer Mardi Gras showcase auction closed earlier this afternoon. Here are the results for those who may have missed it. What I found interesting and what I have seen others mention on the forums is that although the instructions that appeared on the auction submission page clearly called for submissions of 1 to 2 […]

Back in November of last year, at the height of the Snapnames auction scandal, I wrote a personal assessment of the situation comparing it to the Absolute Poker scandal of 2007.  In comparison I recalled how quickly it was that Absolute Poker was back on its feet and suffered almost no significant revenue loss, and […]

Having been a long time online poker player I can still recall news of the “Scandal That Rocked The Online Poker Industry” to steal the recent headline from this TechCrunch editorial concerning the Snapnames auction scandal we’ve all read so much about in the last two days. In late 2007 word spread that there was […]