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I received a notification in my spam folder today with the following subject line: Status Alert: Potential risk to the server. Hovering above the sender in Gmail reveals the spammer is masking their email as tech@mya.godaddy.com. However the message is not legitimate.  The actual hyperlink contained in the email points to a .ru (Russia ccTLD) […]

Clearing out my Spam folder this  morning I found an email from a sender, Domain Purchase.  The subject line of the email referenced a domain I had just registered last week. Had I struck gold so quickly? On the off chance that this was an actual inquiry on one of my domains I did not […]

Be careful if you receive any email purporting to be from Go Daddy about “quickly renewing your .co domains”.  I just received two such emails claiming to be Godaddy in the From line. It is NOT from Go Daddy. The email address being used is godaddyrenew@gmail.com Obviously a company as large and commercial as Go […]

Yesterday, instead of purchasing shares in the Facebook IPO, I registered a domain name for under $10.  Hopefully, for me, a wiser investment. This post is about how you can turn the tables on spammers like InTrust Domains and beat them at their own game. The nature of these scammers, most commonly by the name […]

As a domain investor like me you no doubt receive a lot of unsolicited junk email from people looking to pitch you their unwanted domains, often because you own the same domain in another extension, but sometimes for other reasons, some more or less valid. Occasionally there is a welcome offer, and in fact I […]