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Recently I worked on a negotiation with a buyer for a domain I had acquired about six months earlier. During the negotiation which lasted several weeks, I was bouncing some of my negotiation strategy and thought processes off a good friend of mine, to help clarify my thinking, and to elicit feedback to ensure I […]

If you domain invest long enough, you’ll eventually come to an axiomatic truth, which is that the more value a domain name has, the less effort is generally required to convince other investors of the same. For example, if it requires a lengthy dissertation to explain why small businesses should be climbing over themselves to […]

Early on I learned from my marketing mentor that  it’s never a good idea to compete on price.  While this is a general axiom in product marketing, should it also apply to domain sales? The difference with domain names, unlike most products that can easily be replicated by competitors, is that every domain is a […]

Yesterday, instead of purchasing shares in the Facebook IPO, I registered a domain name for under $10.  Hopefully, for me, a wiser investment. This post is about how you can turn the tables on spammers like InTrust Domains and beat them at their own game. The nature of these scammers, most commonly by the name […]