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.Press is open for landrush registration as of today, August 26th.  It will be interesting to see who turns up as the owner of Word.Press, provided the name is not being held back by the registry. If it turns out to be WordPress themselves, and they actually do something with the domain, such a move […]

My Domain List is a WordPress plugin which allows users to easily implement a way to list their domains for sale from any WP website.  Once the plugin’s settings are configured and you’ve uploaded a list of domains, displaying the domains for sale on your website is as easy as entering a simple piece of […]

How HTTP.com makes MONEY

March 23, 2011

Today I was updating a website for someone, and I came across a broken link which had a double http:// in front of the www.  Once clicked, instead of the intended destination, the hyperlink typo directed me to a parked page on the domain http.com. I decided to take a quick peak at the domain’s […]

This is the second post in a row that will be off point with domain names/marketing and for that I apologize. I do have a number of great blog posts in store but I can’t bring myself to dedicate to them until I’ve officially transfered this blog over to the new domain at DomainAnimal.com, which […]