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Tequilas.net Realized 400% Return, Plus Other Notable Liquor .Net Domain Sales

March 22, 2013

shot of tequila

Shot of te-kill-ya?

Two weeks ago, DNJournal reported the domain Tequilas.net was sold on Sedo for $7,800.

I recalled researching some wines & spirits domains last year on DNSalePrice.com.  I had the feeling it was not the first time this domain had been reported sold, and memory served correct.

In September of 2008, Tequilas.net had changed hands in a private transaction for a sum of $1,500.

I’ve not checked as to whether the domain has passed through more than one owner since then, but assuming it hasn’t, that equates to a $6,300 or roughly 400% ROI on the investement after 4 1/2 years.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t expect the plural version Tequilas to have near as much value as the singular Tequila, but then again what do I know about liquor sales?

Perhaps liquors > liquor?

Here are some other unique liquors (plural) .net domain sales that have transpired over the years …


Here’s a clear example of how the domain appreciated over time and buyers saw greater and greater value with each successive sale.

  • Oct ’06 – Sold for $500 on Afternic
  • Sep ’08 – Sold for $995 on TDNAM
  • May ’10 – Sold for $1,220 through Rick Latona
  • Oct ’11 – Sold for $13,884 on Sedo

Others Sales of Note

Here are still other plural liquor .net domain sales that have been reported …

Vodkas.net – $17,324, Aug ’11, Sedo
Gins.net – $4,000, Dec ’11, Sedo
Wines.net – $13,000, Oct ’08, Rick Latona

To me ‘wines’ seems to be as natural to speak of in its plural form as in the singular, whereas I would seldom have cause to talk about ‘gins’ or ‘vodkas’ or ‘tequilas’ for that matter, vs. ‘gin’, ‘vodka’, or ‘tequila’, but maybe that means I’m just not a big enough drinker.

The singular Whiskey.net and Rum.net also sold for $15,000 each in a private sale in September of 2007.

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