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The Best Domain Sales Landing Page I Have Ever Seen

June 8, 2010

Today I stumbled on what I feel is one of the smartest domain sales landing pages that I have seen, possibly ever.

Not only does it do an outstanding  job of explaining the benefits of owning the domain, (it cites market statistics and revenue projections, and includes quotes from research firms and even Warren Buffet) but its really catchy too!

Without further ado …


I really like the use of the flash presentation and I have not seen it done before.  It strikes me as really effective.

As soon as the page loaded I found myself locked in to the presentation. There was no escaping, it as it was right there in your face, and all you had to do was not look away, which one is not likely to do, as it proceeds at a nice pace.

Cup of latte

How about a latte.com?

In contrast, with a typical static HTML landing page full of plain-text copy, the visitor (potential end-user) must actively perform some work (reading) in order to absorb the information.

Here, in this case the intake is passive, rather like watching television. This was essentially like watching a commercial, and I loved every second of it.

The company handling the brokering of latte.com is Digital DNA. Great job, I must say..

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