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The Down Side Of Listing On Many Aftermarkets

September 1, 2012

If you want to sell your domains, in general I believe it’s a good idea to have your portfolio listed on as many different aftermarket platforms as possible.  But there may be an exception to that rule.

Administering and managing a domain portfolio can be very tedious, and one must always take into consideration the amount of time spent on such activity versus the actual reward.

To give you a specific example, I’ve let a fair number of domains drop over the past month that I no longer saw the value in holding.  Yesterday I spent a good hour or so just removing them from the various aftermarket sites, and I’m currently only listing with five sites.

Of those five, in particular, Aftermarket.com is laborious as there is no bulk edit/delete functionality there.  Each domain must be removed, one … by … one.  I couldn’t imagine having to manage a larger portfolio this way, say in the tens of thousands of domains.

What would be exceptionally nice would be for a tool like Protrada which already integrates with many of these aftermarket platforms, to come out with a feature that would allow users to instantly remove a domain across all marketplaces with a single input.  It would eliminate the redundancy of having to login separately and perform the same action on each of the aftermarket websites.  Such a feature would have effectively cut my task by 80%.

I don’t mean to single out Aftermarket.com either.  Another task I virtually abhor having to perform is manually categorizing domains.  Although sometimes manual configuration is the only way to get the correct category for a domain that may have multiple meanings, I would really love to see more aftermarkets, for instance Afternic, running a script that auto-categorizes domains instantly upon upload.  Of the sites I list with only Sedo currently has this functionality that I am aware of.

This especially makes sense given that Afternic routinely reports that domains which are categorized sell at a much higher velocity.  In my opinion, if this is so then it’s probably worth it for them to throw down a little development money into building such an auto-categorization feature.  More domains will sell, and everyone wins.  Otherwise, I imagine many portfolio owners are either too lazy or just don’t want to be bothered with the chore of manually categorizing their entire portfolio.  The only reason I do it myself is that I’m devoted to sales.

On a final note, of the five sites I currently list with, I’ve yet to actually sell a domain through two of them.  In those cases I sometimes have to ask myself, is it really worth the time?

I know there are still other marketplaces out there, but adding to my administrative burden is the number one reason I don’t list with more of them.   What about you?

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