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The Evolution of Domain Names 101

December 27, 2012

No one is likely to dispute that Frank Schilling is one smart cookie, but almost no where is this more evident to me than when one examines the evolution of the Domain Names 101 page on his flagship DomainNameSales.com website.

Viewing the page again for the first time in many months, it struck me that there were graphics and marketing copy there I was seeing for the first time.  There was also a sense that the overall message had been meticulously refined, or, honed if you will, as a hunter sharpens a blade to bring out the finest edge.

Although the two iterations still share some of the same components (e.g. reference to the highest recently reported public domain sales, and comparisons to traditional media spending), it’s worth noting what’s changed.

Most significantly, the new Domain Names 101 page is organized into Lessons, from Lessons One through Four, as a reader scrolls down the page.  This new presentation no doubt has the effect of helping the reader organize and absorb the material a little better than before.

Aside from the structural differences, here are some additional things I picked up on:

  • The older version focuses on .com, whereas the new version pays reference to other TLDs, such as the parenthetical, “(Purchasing other TLDs like .net and .org isn’t a bad idea either …)”
  • The older version lays out the various benefits to owning premium domains such as authority, uniqueness, SEO value, global reach, defensive acquisitions, and one time cost, whereas the latest version draws out the benefits by way of illustrating the direct parallels between visceral and virtual real estate, with emphasis on ‘location, location, location’.
  • The old version couches a domain’s investment value in comparison to other investments like Google stock and the Nasdaq Index, whereas in the new version domains are described as “an investment in your brand”.

It’s fascinating to observe that in spite of the praise I remember hearing from other domainers on the original copy of Domain Names 101 at the time DomainNameSales was first launched, that Schilling is still taking what works and continually distilling it down into a more potent form.

Any marketer should be able to get something out of contrasting the two versions of Domain Names 101 in their entirety, which you can do for yourself by clicking on the images below.

Domain Names 101 - Old version

Domain Names 101 - New version

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