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The Latest Piece of Domain Spam: 200.name

July 7, 2012

Be careful if you receive any email purporting to be from Go Daddy about “quickly renewing your .co domains”.  I just received two such emails claiming to be Godaddy in the From line.

It is NOT from Go Daddy.

The email address being used is godaddyrenew@gmail.com

Obviously a company as large and commercial as Go Daddy would not be using an @gmail address.

Here is the body of the spam email:

Please quickly renew your .CO domains- 20% OFF .CO Domains Renewal

Dear Valued Customers,

It’s huge pressure for you to renew more and more .CO domains need to renew. In order to reduce your cost and maintain .CO registration leading position, GoDaddy, the world No.1 domain registrar,Renew your .co domains with 20% OFF at: http://200.name

The link ( http://200.name )would not be effecive very soon!

I just visited the site through my Anonymouse.org toolbar, and it redirects to GoDaddy.com with an offer code for 20% off.  I am now guessing that this is a mass email to try to generate money through an affiliate link.

I’m sure this would be in violation of Go Daddy’s Affiliate terms and should anyone decide to report this email to Go Daddy I have no doubt they would rescind any affiliate income this spammer might have earned.  Better luck next time, punks.  P.S. –  here is a link to Rosetta Stone.

On a side note, it looks like the spammer picked up their domain in the recent release by the .name registry of 3-character numerics that we reported on a few months back.

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