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The Obamanable Snowman dot com, and other strange presidential domain sightings

February 1, 2010

First, the official announcement just days ago of the brand name for Apple’s new tablet computer dubbed the iPad was met like so many other buzzworthy tech, pop-culture, and political bombshells with a slew of related domain name registrations. Following the announcement (and even preceding it) many rushed to pick up available iPad related domain names.

Included in the “rush” were the usual suspects:

  • iPadSpace.com
  • iPadster.com
  • iPadTube.com
  • and many more popular web 2.0 derivatives

But rest assured that was only the tip of the iceberg. The creativity of domain registration knows no bounds. I have no doubt that in the past few days a whirlwind of registrations has transpired covering every concievable inflection, pantomime, portmanteau, homonym, mashup, crossover and spin-off of the name iPad that you are unlikely to ever think of.

(I should point out that any domain containing the name “ipad” is more than likely to be infringing on Apple’s trademark, something I am certainly not advocating here.)

In any event, the rush for ipad names is not an isolated event. I want draw your attention back to another so-called game-changer that took place back in late 2008: The election of America’s first black president.

Following the election I spent some time doing whois searches for the wildest Obama and Barack domains I could think of.  The activity was quite fun, as both an exercise in naming aerobics, and also because I was literally rolling on the floor laughing at some of the domains I found to have been registered.

At the time, since I was not yet blogging I had no place to publicize this info, but following the recent “rush” of iPad registrations on the heels of last weeks State of the Union Address (hence the segue) now seems like good timing.

You might not believe it, but the following domains were all bona fide registered domains shortly after election day 2008. (Though I have not checked to see whether they are all still registered. Some may have been dropped between November 2009 and now.)

The Standards

  • MyBarack.com
  • BarackSpace.com
  • BarackTube.com
  • Et al

The Gems

Barack Star, or leader of the Barack Pack?BarackStar.com – Party like a Barack Star!

Barackathon.com – What the country may need soon if the economy gets any worse

BarackPack.com – The new presidential Rat Pack, sub Obama for P. Diddy

BarackAndRoll.com – Arguably better than “Let’s roll”

BarackAndAHardPlace.com – Where we are now

BoratObama.com“My a, how do you say, bailout is so big. Is nice!”

Baracktopus.com – Amazingly, no one registered DrBaracktopus.com

ObladiObama.com“Obladi, Obama, Life Goes On … La La La how the life goes on”

BabyGotBarack.com – Weird Al Yankovic’s new play on the Sir Mix-a-lot classic

We're going Barack, to the futureBarackToTheFuture.com“1.21 Trillion Gigawatts!!”

ObiWanObama.com – Help me Obi Wan Obama. You’re my only hope

ObamanableSnowman.com – Some claim the Obamanable Snowman is real. Others claim to have seen it. Others say its a hoax…

Which is your favorite Obama domain? Or let me know if you know of any other gems..

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