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The Source Code For BruceWillis.com

March 31, 2010

Here is the full source code for the website of Bruce Willis at BruceWillis.com:

BruceWillis.com website source code - not even an HTML page

Here is the websites PageRank

BruceWillis.com page rank 5

What’s the point?

Well, Bruce Willis puts out a lot of great content. From Die Hard to Live Free or Die Hard, from the old days of Moonlighting (a great show which I’m barely old enough to remember), from 12 Monkeys to Unbreakable, and the list goes on.

But his content doesnt rely on keyword density, its not something that can be crawled by the search engine spiders, and he doesnt give a damn about his meta tags, evidently.

In short, authority websites are the result of great content. Great content is what people will talk about and what they will link to, even when you deliver it offline.

In fact according to Yahoo! Site Explorer BruceWillis.com has over 1,600 inbound links. Not bad for “…”

Of course we can’t all be A-list actors or actresses. But regardless, whatever your creative output, I believe everyone has the innate capacity to be something no one else is. Its in the realization and the actualization of this individual potential that lies the hard part.

Putting out quality content over quantity is something I hope to achieve more of on this site. I’m still fairly new to the blog game (blogging about 7 months now) and I’m not sure whether I’ve really accomplished that yet, but I feel in many ways I’m still just getting my feet wet and finding the right voice.

But for example I spent a better part of this past Saturday writing a white paper (something I’ve been meaning to do for ages and finally stopped putting it off.) I hope to finish it over this coming weekend and make it available as a general resource for both domainers and business end-users and I hope that everyone will find it of some value. So look for that to come.


*Editor’s Note: While I was proofing this post prior to publishing, I found that another Page Rank checker online ranked BruceWillis.com as a PR 1 site, not a PR 5. The screenshot above is taken from my Firefox browser’s Affilorama plugin.

Regardless I didn’t want to scrap this entire post because of this and my point still stands. Also for what its worth, regardless of page authority, BruceWillis.com also does also rank as the #3 result in Google for the search term Bruce Willis despite the site having no content and furthermore not even being an HTML document.


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