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The Strange Case of Dinheiro.info

January 25, 2012

(Editor’s note: Dinheiro is the Portuguese word for ‘Money’.)

While doing some research I conducted a whois lookup on Dinheiro.info, to discover that it’s current contact information lists Sedo’s Domain Transfer Escrow Service as the current registrant.

This article was initially titled, “Dinheiro.info May Have Sold At Sedo”, but I was forced to revise that title upon closer examination, when I deduced that the domain hasn’t in fact been updated since August 2011.

Last Updated On:02-Aug-2011 01:52:54 UTC

That seems to indicate the domain has been stuck in limbo-land somewhere in Sedo for the past five months.  This seems like an awfully long time to sit in escrow/transfer.

The domain’s English equivalent – Money.info – sold for $22,000 back in March of 2007 (via Moniker/TRAFFIC).   If it’s Portuguese relative Dinheiro.info did in fact sell, I’m curious to know what the comparable sale price was.

World Paper CurrenciesAs of this writing the Brazilian Real (currency) is worth about $0.57 on the U.S. Dollar.  Based on today’s exchange rate, I’d like to be able to put a relative price comparison on Dinheiro.info based on the sale price of Money.info, but its difficult to do.  Market conditions have certainly changed somewhat since 2007, as both concerns the global economy as well as the domain industry and specifically the .info aftermarket.

However if the domain didn’t in fact sell, then I’m all the more curious about it’s present status at Sedo.

On a related note, I’m currently offering the domain Dinheiro.biz for sale @ GoDaddy.

Yea, you knew there was a hook to this article. 🙂

As they say in Brazil, “o dinheiro não cresce em árvores.”.

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