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Thinking Back To 2009 and Some Domains I Wish I’d Registered

December 30, 2009

As the calendar winds down to 2010, we’re prompted to look forward to a new year and new possibilities. I’ve also been spending some time reflecting on the past year, as perhaps you have too.

For some time now I’ve been considering to write a post on domain names that at one time or another during my research I found to be available but that I hesitated to register and subsequently lost the opportunity to do so (in some cases by mere hours).

Now seems like an appropriate time. With the end of 2009 I now draw an end to any and all regrets from not having registered these domains.

These are not deep regrets, by any means, but just some names that I think back to now and again knowing that I could have bought them for $8.

GeneGuns.com – Gene Guns are what biotechnologists or geneticists use to inject strings of DNA into cellular tissue for genetic engineering. With the growth of the field, and it being such a high-ticket item, this domain could do well in some years from now. Status: Resolves to webhost, undeveloped

SunBone.com – this is a name which I thought would make a great brand; its just short and sweet, and kind of elemental and would lend itself to a great logo. Coincidentally the owner of this domain has envisioned the brand exactly as I would have – a brand for casual surf wear – though there is no real content on the site, perhaps they have put up the the bits of heading and navigation as a show of good faith. Status: In development?

SurvivalChic.com – another great potential brand name. I like this one especially as it carries this notion that preparing for the shit to hit the fan does not need to entail dressing like a boy scout and living in a bunker, but that being prepared can even mean being fashionable. I missed this one by literally hours. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was reading the whois correct. I found the inspiration for this one on NetLingo.com, a good site for monitering new catch-phrases. Status: Not resolving

NanoCarpets.com – A new tech name for an everyday household product. What are nanocarpets? I’m not even sure, but my imagination tells me they will require almost no maintenance, perhaps they will not even stain or can be cleaned simply by swiping a special strip of nano-material one time over the area of the carpet. Whatever it is it could quite possibly be a revolution in carpeting. Status: Parked

MyTowing.com – ‘My’ domains are just popular. Status: Redirecting to developed end-user site

RegisteredPractitioners.com – A registered practioner is someone licensed to practice in a medical field. I have seen it in reference to nursing, as well as possibly some type of alternative medicine such as holistic doctors.

Domaining: The Quick and the DeadAs I recall this domain was snapped from under my watch by the notorious Mrs. Jello. I had been considering the name and when I finally decided to pull the trigger on it I discovered it had been taken within a day or two before. As it turns out the name is now available again so it must not have been worthwhile. I will not pursue this one so if you find any value in it feel free to pick it up. Status: Dropped and currently available

I sometimes liken registering domain names to the phrase the quick and the dead, where in some cases you can whois a domain to find you were beaten to the punch not by days but by mere hours. Those ocassions can be little heartbreakers.

But anyway that’s it. Out with the old. There is so much opportunity in domain names it doesn’t make an ounce of sense to waste time dwelling on what might have been.

Wishing everyone a very happy and productive 2010! My unofficial mantra for the new year is Buck the trend in o’10!

If you have a story about any good domains that you’ve narrowly missed registering please share it below; I would love to hear from others..

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